Having the problem with focus and getting things done, I sought out many types of remedies and "helpful" drugs with little success. I had come across David's profile across various social media and decided to contact him and ask some basic questions I had. He gave me his website and after I did some research, decided to give it the old college try.

I was blown away by the session itself. He did his best to make me feel at ease and pretty much explained exactly what I was to expect. Honestly, I was expecting it to be like what you see on TV, complete with pocket watch. But instead it was more like quiet meditation with someone else there helping you out. I was in complete control of myself, as he said I would be.

Having been a bit skeptic beforehand, I'm a big believer now, as I have been more focused and been able to concentrate on the things I need to get done. Go in with an open mind, if you have any type of cynicism about this, it's not going to help you. Well worth your time!

Adam, from Everett, MA

I am thrilled to recommend David Baumgold. I connected with David because I desired to seek his assistance in quitting smoking. I have tried many different things, none worked. He was very professional and explained all that would happen. We also spent time talking about my smoking history and a bit of my personal history. He is a very patient man!! I enjoyed my time with him. The hypnosis itself was a wonderful experience. David gently spoke to me in a way that helped me to enter into the experience. I could actually feel myself melting into the couch. I strongly recommend David Baumgold to you. I was in such peace and rest by the end of the session. Thanks, David!

John Picardi, from Arlington, MA

As someone who has struggled since adolescence with anxiety/depression, I wanted to find relief techniques that didn’t include side effect-ridden medications or impersonal therapy sessions. I had been familiar with hypnosis since childhood but never seriously considered its therapeutic benefits until a good friend had great success on a weight loss program that included hypnotherapy as part of the regimen. Optimistic but with a healthy dose of skepticism, I decided to give it a try.

Having known David for several years now, I can personally attest to the fact that he is one of the most professional, respectful, and talented therapists working today. His methods are extremely effective and have never felt detached or generically tailored. I feel better than I ever have and attribute many of my improvements in energy level, motivation, and concentration to working with David. I’m fortunate to count him not only as a valuable therapist, but also as a great friend.

Andy, from Chicago, IL

I was skeptical, I have never been able to meditate or even stay quiet/still unless asleep. So how could hypnotherapy even begin to work for me. My mind was always racing to the next thought. It masked a lot of pain and was an effective defense mechanism… or so I thought. I was sleeping less and less, and becoming more and more stressed and prone to explosions and irritability — at the wrong people. So when I found myself facing a public event that I knew I could easily lose my sh*t in a very bad way, I contacted David. I explained what I was looking for: to relax and gain some tools to help me cope with the upcoming “weekend from hell”. David was patient, calming, patient, has a sonorous voice, deep penetrating eyes, patient, a soothing manner, and did I mention he is patient? He was able to get me to get quiet, which allowed for some of the very pent up, deeply buried emotions to be released in a safe and comforting way. That night I got a better night’s sleep than I had in a long time. The coping tricks and triggers he put in place helped me function at work better and at the function I was having major anxiety about. I am skeptical no more.

RG, 51 M, from Waltham, MA

When I first met Dave, I was immediately struck by his demeanor and his voice. I figured that while I might not be the easiest person in the world to hypnotize, if anyone could put me into a relaxed state and make me feel comfortable letting go it would be Dave. From the beginning of the session I felt very calm and at ease. Early on in the session he assured me that “my secrets are my own” and that he would not suggest anything that would in any way make me do things that I did not want to do. This allowed me to trust him further and submit more deeply into trance. The end result were suggestions that have helped me in my personal life and to deal with my personal relationships. This was in early July and as of September those suggestions are still strongly planted and available for me to call up whenever I need them. He has followed up with me since the session and taken a personal interest in how I am doing, which I greatly appreciate.

Steve M. from Piscataway, NJ
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